30 May

Ceramix Expo 2019: Witness the world’s biggest buyers along with VIBCA as a special Invitee.

Today, Ceramic Industry has fundamentally driven the world economy market, with India as the world’s second largest Ceramic product manufacturing country. The ceramics export of India has increased in the last few years and this has given rise to many new manufacturing companies. Kajaria, Somany, NITCO, Simpolo, Varmora and Cera Sanitaryware are few of the leading Ceramic global players from the Indian market. The Morbi ceramic cluster has established brands to serve exotic wall and floor tile designs including Cruso, Sega, Seron, Simola, LIOLI, Omen Vitrified, etc. to name a few.  All these brands together strengthen the ceramic export of Indian manufacturers thereby increasing the overall sales and profits.

The Indian Ceramic Industry serves top notch designs and quality for colored ceramic tiles, ceramic digital wall art tiles, polished ceramic tiles, glass wall ceramic tiles, handmade tiles, ceramic floor tiles, vitrified tiles, ceramic sanitary ware products and bathroom fittings.

The essential requirements of any family living in any country is a good food to live a healthy life, good clothes to represent oneself and good house for a better lifestyle. With Ceramix Expo 2019, we are quite honoured to help different families of the world with the supply of quality ceramics tiles, sanitary ware and bath fitting products for helping them experience the advanced lifestyle. Not to mention, India is the second largest ceramics tiles manufacturing cluster (Morbi) in the world; & this reputed expo is going to be held just few hundred kilometres away from Morbi, the Ceramics cluster of India.

Welcoming the Vietnam Building Ceramic Association at Ceramix Expo 2019

By 2030, Vietnam will be counted amongst the world’s 32 most powerful countries, as per the recent economic statistics. The Ceramix Expo 2019 is proud to have the VIBCA (Vietnam Building Ceramic Association) as a partner of our International Expo. The world of import-export has connected many countries with a single line of contact, and we are happy to strengthen the same connection with our latest Ceramix expo at Gandhinagar, India.

Vietnam being the sixth wealthiest South Asian Country has progressed immensely in different industry segments for the last ten years. With its 1st international Ceramics Expo (VIETNAM Ceramics 2018) in the year 2018 at Hanoi, Vietnam has driven the interest of growing Ceramic brands in international trade.

Ceramix Expo 2019: Adding wings to the ceramic industry across the globe

The Ceramix Expo 2019 is here to successfully market the best Ceramic products from across the globe by welcoming the buyers from different continents of the world including Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Australia. This expo is going to mark a new allied structure between quality manufacturers and the world-known buyers. The said Ceramix Expo is a corporate ladder for the keen Ceramics manufacturers and industrialists.

From the past 3 years, the event organizers have extended their efforts to an extra mile for achieving desirable success with this Expo. They have finally made headway to bring together the entire value chain of the ceramics industry in the upcoming Ceramix Expo 2019. It is a big game changer platform for helping the ‘building and construction’ industry to shake their hands with big ceramics brands for importing tiles, sanitary ware and bath fittings products by unlocking new deals and agreements.

The last two editions of the Ceramix Expo (2016 and 2017) were a super success, and in accordance to the same, the event organizers have planned something bigger this year with more countries on the visitor’s & exhibitor’s list. The Vietnam Building Ceramic Association (VIBCA) has added a feather to the cap making Ceramix Expo one of the keen ceramics trade fairs of the year, 2019.

We grab this opportunity to invite companies from Vietnam to visit/exhibit at the Ceramix Expo 2019, Gandhinagar during the month of November. For more details, please log on to

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