11 Jun

Ceramics Industry to double the turnover by 2021

The countries across the globe have aggressively started working for their active participation in the different international exhibitions, be it for any industry or sector. When we talk about the ‘ceramics’ industry, the growth is magnificent in the coming years. If we trust the anticipation shared by the IANS Gandhinagar, the Ceramic Industry is to double the turnover by 2021.

The Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi saw a dream a few years back to uplift the ceramic industry of the country with Vibrant Ceramics, and it is a pleasure to take his legacy forward with ‘The Ceramix Expo 2019’.

India is currently experiencing huge growth in the construction sector, along with the export market. The Indian Morbi Cluster is the hub of Ceramics Industry, a platform that does contribute to the Indian export market on a giant basis. The Morbi Ceramic manufacturers are currently exporting their products across the globe, including USA, China, UK, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Gulf Countries, including Saudi Arabia.

Most of the Ceramic tiles and sanitary ware manufacturers were a part of the Vibrant Ceramics edition 2016 and 2017; they are also serving the 2019’s revolutionised edition of the ‘Ceramix Expo 2019’ with their latest and unique collection. Most of the manufacturers have started their production of digital wall tiles and vitrified tiles for the Expo.

To help the Ceramic Industry earn great records and margins, the government has also announced the investment target of USD 376.5 billion in the infrastructure segment by 2020. Isn’t that great news for the ceramics manufacturers and key-industry people? Currently, the Ceramic Industry produces 2.5% of the export and the state of Gujarat independently serves 70% of the export of it. This is because of the huge Morbi cluster that has been serving the ceramic industry for years.

The Ceramix Expo 2019 holds a vision to bring together the key players of the construction and building industry under a single roof. This vision holds a legacy of the honourable prime minister of India, and with his vision, the Expo continues to spread its flair across the globe.  More than 2000 delegates from across 100 countries are expected to take part in this giant ceramics expo at Gandhinagar, Gujarat. For registration, please log on to http://www.ceramix.events.


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