02 Aug

Tips for the Indian Ceramic Cluster on ‘Anti-dumping duty issue’ by Mr Vishal Acharya

Ceramics industry has been a blessing to India because of the Morbi Ceramics Cluster. Needless, to say that the efforts and research of the Morbi Ceramics Cluster have got the Indian Ceramic Industry a new definition and appreciation across the world. 

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), the political and union leader of all Arab States (except Iraq), has announced to hit 15% anti-dumping duty on the tiles 

The main export of Indian ceramics products is in the Gulf countries. Recently, the news flashed about ‘Anti-dumping duty in Gulf Countries that might hit the tiles export’. This will adversely affect the entire Morbi Ceramics Cluster of India, which is bad news. 

Mr Vishal Acharya, the Indian Ceramic Expert and Analyst, has been recently interviewed and approached to discuss his views on the same. Mr Acharya has his deep connections with the different ceramic associations of the world. He has been in the field for more than a decade, and hence, his expert advice matters the most to the leading ceramic entrepreneurs from across the world. 

“Incredibly, the Indian Ceramics export and research market has risen in spite of all the odds in the last several years,” says, Mr Acharya while talking to the reporter. 

He firmly suggests that the upcoming ‘Ceramix Expo 2019’ will be the biggest platform for the Morbi Ceramic Cluster to sell their USP products. The expo has more than 40+ countries as the visitors for buying the ceramic products including tiles, slabs and sanitary ware products. 

Mr Acharya has keenly explained the export figures of Indian ceramic tiles during the interview. You can have access to the entire video with your Facebook account, click here to watch the entire uncut video of Mr Vishal Acharya on this crucial anti-dumping issue for the Ceramic Cluster

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