09 Sep

World’s Second Largest Ceramic Expo 2019

Are you looking to be a part of the world’s second-largest ceramic expo in the world? Explore the flourishing tile industry and get a chance to meet with the top delegates from around the world at Ceramix Expo 2019.

Why Visiting the Ceramix Expo 2019 is important?

With the success of 2016 and 2017 exhibitions held to bring the entire tiles and ceramic industry professionals together, the year 2019 is back again for a brand new summit which is going to happen in the heart of Gujarat, i.e., Gandhinagar. It is widely aimed to open new opportunities between various small, medium and large enterprises of Gujarat, especially the manufacturers from Morbi to interact and showcase their products with top industrial giants.

Who is going to gain from it?

Be it tiles, ceramic supplies, chemical manufacturer, sanitary ware, construction companies, architects or interior designers, all will have the opportunities to interact with the world-class delegates and increase their knowledge with the latest developments in tile technology.

Big Brands: A Platform to make the dream come into reality

The global Ceramic Expo 2019 is all about strengthening ties and boosting sales of different categories of tiles manufactured in Morbi and other parts of India. It is a platform to make dreams come into reality as various top-level exhibitors will do their best to showcase their brands with the latest development and advancements parallel to the technology.

Morbi as the second-largest manufacturer of tiles?

Morbi, being the second-largest manufacturer of tiles in the world, the first being China, plays a vital role in shaping the tile and ceramic industry of India. Due to its tiles manufacturing hub with over 600 industries clustered around the city, it is called as the tile capital of India, catering to the rising demand of tiles such as: digital tiles, vitrified tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, sanitary ware, quartz stone, roofing tiles, mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, to name a few.

Ceramix Expo 2019 is all about interacting with the individuals, manufacturers, distributors, exporters, importers, logistics and cracking the best deal possible, not only in the domestic market but fulfilling the global demands of developments taking place in the world. Being the second-largest ceramic expo in the world, it has become a gateway to open new opportunities in the business. 

Let us come together and be a part of this amazing event.

Event Date and Time: 21 – 24 November 2019

Event Location: Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar – Gujrat

For inquiries, visit us at https://www.ceramixexpo.com/

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