About Morbi

Morbi, also known as Morvi, is located in the Saurashtra region of Indian state of Gujarat. The name of the city literally means City of Peacocks. The town Morbi is endowed not only with great natural beauty, but it is also famous for its colorful history and rich cultural heritage. Indeed, the numerous architectural edifices that have stood the test of Ʀme, speak gloriously about its rich past and because of them, the town is ofen referred as Paris of the East.

According to tradiƦons, the area was iniƦally a part of State of Cutch. When Kayanji of Bhuj dynasty established the independent state ofMorbi, he gave this name to the city. However, the present status of the city is no less enchanƦng. Apart from being a district headquarters, it is also well‐known for its ceramic and clock manufacturing units. Let us therefore, peep into the different aspects of the town.

Morbi is a newly formed district with an area of roughly 4871.5 Sq Km. It is bounded by Kutch district in the north, Surendranagar district in east, Rajkot district in the south and Jamnagar district in the west. The Gulf of Kutch lies to the northwest of the district, about 35 km from the Morbi City. The district has a population of nearly 10, 07,954 people; the average density being 207 persons per square kilometer.

Elevation and Soil Condition in Morbi

Morbi, which falls under the coastal low land area, has an average elevation of 54 meter (or 177 feet) above the sea level. It has a more or less a flat terrain. The soil here is black and semi arid.

Climatic Condition and Rainfall in Morbi 

Climatic condition in this region is healthy, but dry. The summers are hot with temperature reaching up to 44 degree Celsius. The hottest month is May while January is the coldest month. The winder is generally mild; the lowest temperature vacillates around 10 to 11 degree Celsius. However, in some years, it has also known to reach 6 degree Celsius.

Although some parts of the district may experience famine like condition in general, Morbi has average rainfall in the monsoon. The rainy season generally starts in the month of June and ends in September. The area experiences the highest rainfall in July. One may also experience occasional shower in October and November.

Machchu River in Morbi

Machchu is the only major river, which flows through this district. This river, which is also known as Machhu, rises from the Madla hills near Jasdan in Rajkot district. It then flows northward for 130 Km and finally empties in the Rann of Kutch. The river has a catchment area of 2515 Sq Km. It has many tributaries. Among them Jamburee, Benia, Machchori and Maha meet the Machchu river from the right side while Betti and Asoi are its left bank tributaries. Morbi city is located on the bank of this river.

Dams in Morbi

To harness its water two dams have been built across Machchu River. Both of these dams are located in the Morbi district. Among them Machchu 1 is located near Jalsika village in Wankara taluka. It has a catchment area of 735 sq km and has a gross holding capacity of 72.7 cubic millimeter of water.

Machhu 2 dam is located near Jodhpur village in Morbi taluka at 103 km from the river source of the river. It is only 9 Km away from Morbi city. The total catchment area of the dam is 1928 sq km and the gross storage capacity is 100.41 cubic millimeter. The dam has been built mainly for flood control and irrigation purpose. It also supplies drinking water to Morbi city.

Geographical coordination of the city is 22.49 degree East (longitude) and 70.50 degree North (latitude). It is a big city spreading over an area of 12.5 million hector. Here too the terrain is more or less flat. Its black soil has encouraged grown of ceramic industries in the vicinity.

Morbi has long been a center for trade and industry. In the beginning, the economy of the town was mainly dependent on ceramic and clock manufacturing industry. Today, the area has also become a growing hub for paper mills. Moreover, these industries have also given rise to many ancillary industries such as packaging industry, export houses etc. Together, they have created a vibrant and sustainable economy in this region.

Morbi has many middle as well as big industrial houses operating from its vicinity. Among the big industrial houses located in Morbi, we can name Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd of OREVA Group. The company started as Ajanta Quartz in 1971 Odhavjibhai R. Patel; but soon diversified in different sector such as CLF lights, digital display, e-bike, electrical products, calculators, home appliances and ceramics.

Orpat Group (Ajanta Ltd.), a sister company of Ajanta Manufacturing Ltd, is another big name to reckon with. The later has a workforce of 3000 people working at its factories. It also has around 450 depots and 50,000 retailers across India. The company also exports its produce to over 45 countries across the globe.

As we have already mentioned, ceramics is a big business in Morbi. The soil as well as the climatic condition of this region is suitable for such an industry. Today there are more than 600 units in and around Morbi producing different kinds of tiles such as ceramic tiles, floor tiles, luster wall tiles, glazed wall tiles, vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, spartek tiles, roofing tiles, glaze tiles, mosaic tiles etc. In addition, there are also fifty companies, which produce different types of sanitary wares. The total turnover here exceeds seven thousand crores.

Of these 600 ceramic factories, at least 100 companies specialize on vitrified tiles. It is to be noted that the vitrified tiles produced in this region are in great demand all over the country. Since such tiles have very little porosity, they are long lasting and can successfully compete with marble and granite. Many tiles manufacturing companies in Morbi specializes in this kind of tiles.

Morbi also has a significant number of clock manufacturing units. Most of them manufacture digital wall clocks, but some also manufacture other types of clocks and watches. Ajanta, Samay, Sonera and Sonam are the world’s leaders in this sector.

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